MultiEngine Rating Add-On


Adding a multi-engine rating to your current pilot certificate might be easier than you think! With Double Time Aviation, you’ll received expert instruction from veteran CFII/MEI and professional pilot Jeff Davis.  After teaching hundreds of students in his 30-year career, Mr. Davis knows how to make training enjoyable yet efficient so that you can flash your new rating with confidence!


Clear your calendar for four days…then fly twins!  Yes, you can get this done in as little as four days with our flexible scheduling options.  Because this is an add-on rating [14 CFR 61.63c] and not an initial rating [14 CFR 61.109b, 14 CFR 61.129b], you save time and money by choosing Double Time Aviation.

  • Schedule your rating
  • Receive & study our curriculum
  • Arrive at the Laconia Airport
  • Ground School in the morning
  • Fly in the afternoon
  • Checkride with local DPE on day 4

Training manual includes

  • procedures checklist
  • daily syllabus
  • detailed maneuver explanations
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